We are an interdenominational church of restoration, a Refuge, where the suffering find comfort and hope.


Transforming communities, healing families.

How do we help?

The foundation of everything we do and teach is the Bible, which is the Word of God and the source of all truth and wisdom.

Every person who comes to our doors asking for help, finds help. Our doors are open to receive all those who have decided to surrender to God and allow Him to do what only He can do: Heal and transform.

The help we offer is through a restoration program that God has guided us through the years to design and build. It lasts approximately one year and consists of different stages; the person is invited to attend a specific class each week and a support group.

The classes share topics related to the restoration and healing of the heart, based on the Word of God, supported by some psychological aspects and accompanied by the life testimony of the person who is teaching. Some of the topics are: Forgiveness, reconciliation, prayer, addictions, codependency, boundaries, family, marriage, parenting, among others.

The weekly support group consists of a small gathering of prayer, fellowship, and a space to share about what everyone is going through. The group has a facilitator, who is always a person who is at a more advanced stage in their process. It is not led by counselors or psychologists.

Some of the most important rules of the support groups are confidentiality, respect and that giving advice is forbidden. One of our flags is to let God be God in people's lives, and only He can guide them about what decisions to make.

Daily tasks are very important. Each day the person should spend quality time with God, in prayer, reading the Word, studying the class of the week, and should also keep a written record (a journal) of their time with God.

All our efforts will be directed to each individual to develop, strengthen and deepen his or her relationship with God. We know well that He is the only one who can truly restore a life.

We are not a counseling or psychology center. We do not diagnose (nor can we certify) mental illnesses or disorders, nor addictions, nor do we offer medical or psychological treatment. It does not apply to us because we are not health professionals or counselors. The only thing we can certify is a person's participation in the cycles of restoration.

All the teachers, leaders and facilitators who serve in our ministry are in these places because each of them has a real testimony of restoration. Their life testimony enables them to share with others, exhort, encourage and give hope.

To heal, we all need God, an accompanying community and a willing heart.

The day you are ready, we will be here with open doors and open arms waiting for you.